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Cheerful Arab Family, Parents And Little Daughter Competing With Each Other In Video Games At Home
Video Game Play: Beneficial for Mental Health?
Video games can enhance cognitive skills, relieve stress, and foster social connections. They also show potential for mental health treatment...
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Support group, counselling and man with woman for comfort, empathy and understanding in therapy.
Compassion in Crisis: Meeting People Where They Are
Grievers often feel the Church's response is inadequate, as it offers spiritual platitudes instead of compassionate support. True healing begins...
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Depressed couple talking to psychologist at office
Resources for Coping with Life's Struggles
Life is inevitably painful, but healthy coping resources like co-regulation, support groups, faith communities, music, and therapy can help....
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Close up of a young female instructor in yoga lessons, sitting in Sukhasana, meditating inside studio. Front view. Wellness and mental healthcare help.
5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness Technique: Reducing Anxiety and Stress
The 5-4-3-2-1 mindfulness technique is a grounding practice that uses the five senses to help individuals stay present by identifying five things...
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Boy showing concern and offering support to upset mommy
Navigating Co-Regulation: Impact and Interaction in Parenting
In the intricate dance of co-regulation between parent and child, even subtle fluctuations in one's emotional state can resonate deeply with...
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Lady sitting in the chair to relax her mind and body.
Ways to Increase Mind-Body Awareness
Mind-body awareness activities, like dragon breathing and playful exercises, help trauma survivors reconnect their mind and body, fostering feelings...
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