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Issues Addressed

We specialize in addressing trauma and attachment issues as well as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, loss, and behavioral difficulties. Our combined teams’ training and experiences bring a diversity of therapeutic approaches and services to address your needs. 



Traumatic Experiences

Relationship Issues


Grief and Loss

Parent-Child Relationship

Parent Skills Development

Foster and Adoptive Issues

Social Anxiety

Therapy and Services Offered

We offer different methods of therapy and services to best meet your needs. Each one is tailored to your unique situation.

Therapeutic Approaches and Interventions

Our team members have wide-ranging specialties including EMDR, Trauma-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Integrative Parenting for Attachment Trauma, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), Couples and Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Art/Expressive Therapy, Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy.

Family Coaching

Children do not come with owner’s manuals. Even if they did, each child is unique and has different needs and personalities. Parenting coaching services are designed for families needing a little extra help. These services are intended to be short-term in nature, with an emphasis on assessing needs and providing personalized guidance.

Marriage Assessment

Do you want to have a better understanding and deepen your relationship with your significant other?  The Prepare/Enrich Assessment is widely used and popular for assessing and understanding couples’ relationships. Our trained facilitators administer the assessment, as well as share and discuss the results with both of you.

Attachment Assessment

Our childhood experiences with our caregivers influence how we approach our relationships and interactions later in life.  The good news is that even if you did not have the best childhood experiences, you can develop a positive secure attachment as an adult with intentional effort. Our counseling professionals can help you identify your childhood attachment style and provide action steps to guide you towards an earned secure adult attachment.

EMDR Consultation

We offer EMDR consultation to EMDR therapists seeking certification. Children who have experienced attachment and developmental trauma benefit from extensive resourcing and specific EMDR interventions. Our consultant-in-training has specific training and experience in using and adapting the standard EMDR protocol for this population. Whether you are seeking certification or just to sharpen your EMDR skills, we can help you meet your professional goals.

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We will get in contact with you within one business day and our coordinator will help identify a team member who may be a good fit for you.

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Option of Faith-Based Counseling

All Arizona Family Counseling staff are Christian. When you begin, you will be given the opportunity to integrate faith-based activities and biblical principles during your sessions. The choice is yours.

What if you are not Christian? Not a problem! We are trained professionals and you can expect the same clinical expertise whether you choose to integrate faith-based activities in your journey with us or not.

We do not provide pastoral or Biblical counseling. We would recommend reaching out to your church if you desire those services.


As Christians, we believe that God’s story is that he desires to restore relationships to the way he intended before the fall of man. We each have a storyline within God’s remarkable plan.  Some stories include struggle, hardship, and tears. Luckily, your story is not yet complete. We want to come alongside you on your healing journey in discovering God’s plan for you.