Our Team

Our unique team of professionals will walk alongside you as you journey to a healthier life. We invite you to learn more about each individual therapist and family coach below. All counselors are available through telehealth and in-person sessions.

Southern Arizona Counselors
(Pima County, Yuma County, and Cochise County)

Bobbie Rill, MA, LPC

Regional Clinical Director – Southern Region

Meet Bobbie

In addition, she is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and National Trainer of Trainers for the Grief Recovery Institute in Bend, OR.

Her background includes serving as the Executive Director of a multi-state network of counseling centers where she supervised a staff of 50 including both Master and Doctorate level therapists. She is a frequent event speaker and has been a guest on numerous radio shows. 

Prior to Bobbie joining the CFC staff, she and her husband, Bob, founded The Grief & Wellness Group in Tucson, AZ. 

They have two married, adult children, two adorable grandkids, and a German Short Hair puppy, all of whom keep them on their toes.

Josette Kehl, MSW, LCSW, CCTP

Mental Health Therapist, Family Coach Supervisor

Meet Josette

I believe that every client should feel seen, heard and valued.  I am convinced that early attachment experiences impact all of life but healing is possible through reparative relationships and dedicated work. With parenting issues, I view parents as key change agents in the lives of their children.  Learning how our bodies and brains work together and gaining new skills in self-regulation will benefit all clients in whatever challenges they are facing.

I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2004 and a TBRI® Practitioner since 2019.

I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 young adult children. Travel, reading, hiking, biking and baking are some of my favorite forms of self-care.

Debra Marshall, MA, LAMFT, CTP

Marriage and Family Therapist

Read Debra’s latest blog post!

A Narrative/Collaborative/strength-based approach is also used to understand one’s unique story, needs, goals, and identify individual strengths and resources.
I have high empathy and have gone through “many” unique challenges/experiences in my lifetime. I actively listen and provide a safe environment where self-discovering and positive change can begin.

My training began with a special interest in attachment trauma with a passion to work with adoptive families. Exploration of the family systems approach happened at the end of my Bachelor of Science degree. I had just written an experiential essay (life experience/parenting my adoptive children) and the professor who evaluated stated, “you are a Marriage and Family Therapist.” After researching Marriage and Family Therapists, I knew this was the master’s program path for me.

Becoming a Christian 28 years ago was different from someone brought up in a practicing Christian home. My heart/mind was always questioning why I was here and then to discover the answer as an adult was to say the least life changing. I am the mother of three adopted children, who loves animals, and when it comes to interests and hobbies, I feel my life has many diverse chapters. A former business owner, extensive activity in Real estate, avid cook, baker, artist, and more. Seasons come and go (life transitions), and right now I am passionate about increasing my knowledge/experience in counseling, which I feel God called me to do, spending quality time with my children, and an amazingly smart rescue dog.

Central Arizona Counselors
(Maricopa County, Pinal County, and Graham County)

Brandon Jones, LPC, MAPC

Regional Clinical Director – Central Region

Meet Brandon

It is my prayer and heartfelt desire that every person that meets with me for therapy will leave with a deeper understanding of their strength and ability to overcome any obstacle. I look forward to supporting you during your journey of moving from surviving to thriving using research-based counseling interventions. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I make it a top priority to create a counseling environment that is safe, non-judgmental, collaborative, and encouraging.

For those that share the Christian faith, I use scripture to encourage and inspire the healing process and will join you in praying to ask God to help the healing process.

Having learned some valuable lessons from my personal experiences, my 15 years of marriage, and parenting my 5 biological and adopted children, I look forward to supporting you as you navigate life’s challenges.

Bethany Huffman, MS, LAC

Child & Family Therapist

Meet Bethany

Bethany has experience with treating adolescents and adults with depression, anxiety, and attachment/general trauma. She has completed EMDR basic training and can apply this trauma intervention to both children and adults. She also utilizes trauma-sensitive yoga techniques as a somatic, therapeutic tool for healing.

I believe everyone has the tools within themselves to accomplish deep healing. The EMDR approach allows the client to be in control of their own journey. Coming from a trauma-informed approach, I incorporate somatic work, mindfulness, breathing, yoga, and trauma desensitization and reprocessing into my sessions. I also utilize many art, play, and eco-therapy interventions with children.

I understand that each client comes from a unique cultural, familial, and spiritual background and I take care to incorporate their values into our sessions. I tailor my approach to the comfort of each client and walk alongside their path towards healing and being able to face life circumstances with strength and grace.

In my own time, I enjoy practicing Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, traveling and learning about new cultures, spending time with my dogs, or partaking in creative endeavors such as art, photography, or writing.

Giselle Ortiz, MA, LPC

Mental Health Therapist

Meet Giselle

Giselle speaks Spanish and English, offering services in both languages, as well as has experience working among Native American families from her time working near the Navajo Nation.

I believe that every person has the right to heal, the power to change, and the potential for growth. I strive to provide an emotionally safe place for healing, restoration, and growth through active listening and empowering my clients with essential skills.

I specialize in negative thinking, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, communication skills, and assertiveness skills.

Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, drinking tea, singing, and traveling.

Haley Morte, MS

Child & Family Therapist, Family Coach

Meet Haley

My goal is to make all those who enter the counseling environment feel welcome and seen. When working with children, I hope to both empower them and provide them with the tools to gain healthy awareness so they can communicate their needs. When consulting with parents, I hope to provide them with the psychoeducation of how various experiences impact the brain in addition to learning of ways to effectively meet the needs of the children in their home.

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and have worked with children ages 4-18 as well as their parents.

I have been married to my husband for six years and we have personal experience with foster care and adoption as we are foster parents. I enjoy spending time in Northern Arizona and being outdoors.

Jennie Dalcour, MA, LPC

Clinical Supervisor, Child & Family Therapist

Meet Jennie

I believe my role in therapy is to be a guide, to walk alongside clients, as they develop their own strength and motivation to change. Healing and change are organic processes that vary with each individual, occurring when clients feel accepted and safe where they are. I tailor therapy to each person to address current concerns and past trauma when appropriate.
I believe that clients are the experts in their own lives. I view clients’ experiences through a family systems lens, understanding how family dynamics affect people throughout their lives. I am a licensed professional counselor specializing in treating complex developmental and attachment trauma in children, adolescents, and adults.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my children and pets. I am active in church as a children’s teacher. 

Katherine Loh, MA, LAC, NCC

Mental Health Therapist, Family Coach

Meet Katherine

I completed Level 2 training in Gottman Couples Therapy.

I love to join clients in their unique situations to understand and help identify strengths, obstacles, and strategies for their personal goals.

Lucy Parkes, BA, CCTP

Family Coach

Meet Lucy

I chose to work in this field after searching for how to help my children heal from their difficult pasts. I understand much of what the parents I work with are going through.  My approach is to build on each family’s strengths, while providing psychoeducation on trauma and attachment that relates to their unique situation, so they can better understand what is driving their children’s behavior. 

I aim to encourage and empower families while suggesting strategies that can improve connection and behavior. When working with clients, I draw on the culmination of my education and personal experience to help families understand the big picture of what drives behavior as well as provide practical strategies that help to heal.

I am married with a blended family, and we have five children, two of them are adopted. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, especially doing things outdoors like camping, swimming, and hiking. 

Sarah Earles, MS, LPC, NCC

Child & Family Therapist

Meet Sarah

If God can raise Jesus from the dead, he can do anything! True, lasting change is a partnership between the Holy Spirit, you, and the team you trust. I would be honored to be part of your team, not telling you what to do, but rather providing care, encouragement, and perspective along the way.

You can choose if you would like faith-based content in therapy or not. My faith motivates me to do what I do, but I am here to help you and your family achieve healing, health, and happiness based on what those mean to you. Expect lots of brainstorming for creative ideas, body movement or other interactive activity, and life metaphors from me in session. I believe that health and healing are whole-person experiences!

My husband and I have lived in a variety of other states but call Arizona home. In my spare time, I enjoy running, hiking, cooking, crafting, reading, and writing.

Seth Strawn, MS, LAC

Child & Family Therapist

Meet Seth

Seth works from a humanistic-existential theoretical orientation utilizing a person-centered approach and remaining eclectic with different techniques and modalities (such as DBT skills and CBT).

My goal as a counselor is to help people through the process of healing. I want to walk alongside people to support them as they continue moving forward toward a place of wholeness, wellness, and peace, paying attention to all aspects of a person’s well-being – emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, and physical.

I believe that a large part of personal growth and healing comes when people are able to recognize and build upon their strengths while at the same time being able to express and process their challenges openly and safely in an environment where they are listened to, respected, and feel understood. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone’s stories are different, and all of those stories are still in process.

My hope is to help people feel secure and rooted in a strong sense of identity and to find a sense of meaning and purpose within their own stories.

As a counselor, I am able to provide a safe space for this to happen by meeting people where they’re at while providing compassion, empathy, genuineness, and acceptance.

My faith and belief in Jesus as a Christian are the most significant reasons and motivations for why I do what I do. For those who are open to it, I am excited to incorporate the skills from counseling sessions with spiritual and faith-based dimensions of belief.

Some of my favorite ways of spending my time include hiking, being outdoors and in nature, remaining physically active, traveling, reading, and spending intentional time with family and friends.

Stephen Kaech, MA

Marriage & Family Therapist

Meet Stephen

I love families! I have spent the past 19 years working with stepfamily/blended family couples and children helping them to navigate the unique aspects of family life.

My desire is to work with all aspects of the relationships within families whether it is the husband-wife, parent-child, or sibling relationship, and within all family types – nuclear, step/blended, foster, or adoptive – each being unique and valuable in God’s eyes in their own special ways.

Having spent many years doing short-term mission’s trips around the world, I am also keenly aware of the unique aspects that culture can bring to the therapeutic environment.

I have been married to my wife for 23 years and together (we are a stepfamily) we have four daughters and seven grandchildren. We love spending time with our family as well as traveling the world whether it is flying to a destination or cruising.

Meghan Roach, MA

Child & Family Therapist

Meghan is experienced working with children, adolescents, and families. She is experienced with a variety of concerns such as life transitions, anxiety, trauma, and relational problems. Her mission is to provide a warm and safe environment for both the client and the family.

She likes to work at the client’s pace in garnering resources from strengths they already have and aiding in the development of interpersonal skills to have healthy relationships. 

Quinn Weisensee

Clinical Intern

Quinn enjoys working with children and adolescents. Using a trauma-informed person-centered approach, she works with challenges and concerns such as anxiety, relational issues, self-esteem, and trauma-processing.

Quinn’s goal is to create a safe space for clients to explore the entire spectrum of their emotions as they walk toward change.

Quinn believes that every client possesses the tools necessary to overcome their challenges and will tailor therapy to utilize the strengths and resources that will lead toward a sense of wholeness and peace.

Northern Arizona Counselors
(Yavapai County, Coconino County, and Mohave County)

Chuck Geddes, Ph.D.

Family Coach

Dr. Geddes has worked extensively in the fields of Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare over the past 25 years. He completed his Ph.D. at Colorado State University and MA at California State University, Fullerton.

Dr. Geddes founded the organization Complex Trauma Resources and developed the Complex Care and Intervention program as a way to embed a trauma-focused therapeutic perspective into the care of children in the foster system.

In addition to clinical direction of complex cases, Dr. Geddes has provided education and training to social workers, foster and adoptive parents, and mental health clinicians across the province of British Columbia – and plans to offer these services here in Arizona as well.

Chuck and his wife, Louise, have three adult sons–one of whom has special needs. In his spare time, Chuck will often be found hiking or biking and is looking forward to exploring the trails around Prescott.

Kimberly Langford, MA, LAC, LASAC

Mental Health Therapist and Family Coach

Meet Kimberly

It is my goal to first educate clients about the effects trauma can have and then begin working through specific techniques and approaches to healing this trauma in the counseling or coaching setting so clients can begin experiencing restoration in the walk of their everyday lives.

I have worked in the behavioral health field for six years with experience working in foster care, youth ministry, and addictions. I have truly enjoyed my work with adolescents, young adults, and birth parents who work hard to reunify with their children and bring healing to their family. I appreciate Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and exploring the somatic needs of the client regarding the healing process. Along with being a dually licensed counselor, I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (CCTSI) and a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Addiction (CCTSA).

I married my husband in 2018 and we love living in Prescott where we raise our two young children. We are blessed with a rich community through our church, friends, and family. My husband also works in the mental health field, but when we aren’t working clinically, we enjoy our wedding planning business that we started together which allows us both to tap into our creative sides and spend time working together as a family. For self-care I enjoy spending time with family, getting coffee with friends, baking, sewing, and being in the company of our two dogs and three cats.