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Mother is feeling sorry for a crying child.
Adoptive parents and grieving
Grief is a major part of the adoptive process. Birth mothers grieve the loss of the children, birth fathers grieve the loss of raising their...
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Happy mom preparing schoolgirl daughter for first school day indoors
How to start and end school days on a high note
Children need support before and after school. The idea is to fill up the child’s need for love and affection by starting and ending the day...
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Caucasian loving parents play with baby boy child on bed in bedroom. Happy family, attractive beautiful young couple dad and mom dance with cute infant toddler son
Helping Children who are in Survival Mode
A child on survival mode can be the result of trauma. Connecting positively can help a child to feel safe and shows you as a trusting figure...
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Close up lonely little girl hugging toy, sitting at home alone,
Scarcity Mindset in Kids
Kids develop a scarcity mindset as a survival way of thinking designed to promote acquisition of resources in order to stay alive. What can parent...
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Christian man holding jesus cross.Hands folded in prayer on a Holy Bible
Reframing: A CBT Technique and the Christian Faith
Reframing is a basic CBT technique used to change the mind by considering something from a different perspective. Does it align with the truths...
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happy learning kid in class
Growth Mindset Affirmations for Kids
Growth mindset affirmations can help train the brain to think positively. Most start with “I am” or another present tense verb to keep the focus...
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