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Adult Mental Health

College Students overwhelmed, overworked, burned out, perfectionists. Teen tired girl, young woman sitting at table with books in college library.
Meltdowns: How to Get Back on Track
When life gets stressful, meltdowns can occur. To recover, the body, brain, and spirit needs to get back online for the person and for the people...
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How emotions can affect people’s sense of overall well-being and connectedness.
Pain, Fear, and Courage: with C. S. Lewis and Brené Brown
Pain, fear, anger, hate, and courage, are emotions that affect people’s sense of overall well-being and connectedness. C. S. Lewis and Brené...
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The presence of family is the biggest support
How to Care for Others and Yourself?
To care for others and yourself is a balance that requires thought, prayer, and Holy Spirit wisdom to image the care of God, which is the greatest...
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Mother is feeling sorry for a crying child.
Adoptive Parents and Grieving
Grieving is part of the adoption process. Birth mothers grieve the loss of the children, birth fathers grieve the loss of raising their children,...
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Jesus and His disciples sitting by the sea talking
Jesus Healing Peter: Healing Trauma and Shame
Everything in this Jesus story lines up with what we know about how trauma experiences are processed and healed. Jesus did this over two thousand...
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Sad man get people support
Grief: How to Help Others and Yourself
Grief is an individual process with no predictable pattern. Grief and sorrow can bring us together when we allow for differences and honor each...
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