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Adult Mental Health

Mom and daughter reading holy bible in a wheat field. Study the holy bible together
Biblical Encouragement for the Hard Work of Parenting
Parenting is hard work, but the Bible offers encouragement and hope. Jesus empathizes with every struggle and hardship, providing comfort and...
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Close up of a young female instructor in yoga lessons, sitting in Sukhasana, meditating inside studio. Front view. Wellness and mental healthcare help.
5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness Technique: Reducing Anxiety and Stress
The 5-4-3-2-1 mindfulness technique is a grounding practice that uses the five senses to help individuals stay present by identifying five things...
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Boy showing concern and offering support to upset mommy
Navigating Co-Regulation: Impact and Interaction in Parenting
In the intricate dance of co-regulation between parent and child, even subtle fluctuations in one's emotional state can resonate deeply with...
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upset african american kid looking at camera in kindergarten
Ten Reasons A Child May Be Dysregulated
Children's persistent dysregulation, marked by outbursts, can stem from factors like sleep deprivation, hunger, sensory sensitivities, and emotional...
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Portrait of female marital counselor at office after effective session with young married couple, copy space. Relationship problems treatment
Therapists: Boundaries in Professional Relationships
Therapists, as professionals, maintain strict boundaries in client relationships, prohibiting personal friendships to ensure well-being. While...
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young creative male fashion designer making embroidery while sitting by workplace against female colleague in workshop
How Fiber Art Can Benefit One’s Mental Health
In the realm of fiber arts, crocheting, knitting, and crafting contribute significantly to mental health. These creative pursuits offer sanctuary...
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