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We’re here to help you get started on the right foot.

We understand reaching out for help is a big step. We’re here to walk alongside you in the process. Once you fill out our appointment form or contact us by phone, we will get back to you within one business day. We will ask you some basic questions and get you set up with an appointment with a therapist or family coach that may best fit your needs.

Finally, we wanted to answer some questions you might be asking yourself before you begin:

What about insurance?

With few exceptions, Arizona Family Counseling does not bill insurance directly. Here’s why:

  • We want YOU to have choices in the counseling process:
    • We don’t know if you’ve tried, but we have. Insurance companies have panels with specific professionals on their list. We want you to have choices with who you decide to see for counseling. You also may find that you are limited to a certain number of sessions to make progress towards your therapeutic goals. We want you to decide when you are ready to move forward.
  • We respect your privacy:
    • Put simply, insurance companies require a diagnosis to authorize treatment. These negative labels can follow a client through life and interfere with insurability later. At Arizona Family Counseling, we get it – life happens. We believe talking to someone when you need a little help shouldn’t require a diagnosis, and your files are never shared with anyone without your permission.
  • Health Insurance Claim Form

But what if I still want to utilize insurance?

  • If requested, we can provide an insurance superbill for your counseling appointment at the time of service that may be used to submit to your insurance company for reimbursements. Many individuals have high deductibles which they pay out of pocket anyway and want to choose a counselor for themselves vs having the insurance company limit choices for them.
  • If you would like to submit for reimbursement yourself, we do offer a one-time tutorial on how to do so. However, we cannot guarantee your insurance company’s acceptance of the reimbursement request as they each have their own criteria for reimbursement.

Is this worth the investment?

Investing in yourself, your marriage, and/or your family is one of the best investments you will ever make. When you commit to improving yourself through counseling, you’ll find many areas of your life will begin to thrive. We know you’re worth investing in.


Standard Counseling Rate

$150 for a 50-minute session

Master’s Level Counseling Intern Rate

$45 for a 50-minute session

Family Coaching Rate

$120 for a 75-minute session

Prepaid 3 Session Family Coaching Rate

$315 for three 75-minute sessions

Church Agreements

In an effort to partner with churches desiring quality counseling, some churches have an agreement with Arizona Family Counseling to provide counseling at reduced rates for their staff and church members. If you would like to know if your church is one of these partners, please contact us. If your church is interested in partnering with Arizona Family Counseling for counseling services, please let us know.

Have more questions regarding our fees? We’d love to hear from you!