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Compassion in Crisis: Meeting People Where They Are
Grievers often feel the Church's response is inadequate, as it offers spiritual platitudes instead of compassionate support. True healing begins...
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Family and Christmas lights
Don't Let Your Past Define Your Future Relationships
Don't let your past relationships define your future. Every new relationship is an opportunity to choose how to move forward and see the light.
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Holidays can trigger behavioral issues
(Not so Happy) Holidays
Holidays can be hard for kids that have experienced trauma and you might notice that this is a time of increased stress and increasing behaviors...
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Sad man get people support
Grief: How to Help Others and Yourself
Grief is an individual process with no predictable pattern. Grief and sorrow can bring us together when we allow for differences and honor each...
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How we deal with our emotions matters.
Are Emotions Good or Bad?
Emotions themselves are neutral but what people do with them makes the difference. Examine the response to your emotions and attend those needs...
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woman is cry with covering her face
Grief: Is there a Correct Way to Grieving?
Recognizing that the process of grieving varies from person to person can allow you to give others the space to grieve in the ways they need...
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