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Smiling mother and little adopted child daughter painting together, lying floor. Mom or babysitter helps preschooler kid girl to draw with pencils.
Sharing Details at the Correct Moment
There are times and places to tell your child parts of his or her story. Never hide anything, but make sure that what is told is appropriate,...
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Upset offended teen girl daughter sitting separately with mother on sofa, mom and teenage child ignoring each other after fight at home, selective focus. Generation gap between teenagers and parents
The Scary Cycle and Kids in Survival Mode
Parenting a child that lives in survival mode can be stressful, but a dysregulated child can make for a dysregulated parent if that parent doesn’t...
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Mom and her child daughter are playing at home. Cute girl are holding paper mustache on stick. Family holiday and togetherness.
What is the Magic Mustache?
The “magic mustache” is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention technique used to help with self-regulation. How does it work?
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College Students overwhelmed, overworked, burned out, perfectionists. Teen tired girl, young woman sitting at table with books in college library.
Meltdowns: How to Get Back on Track
When life gets stressful, meltdowns can occur. To recover, the body, brain, and spirit needs to get back online for the person and for the people...
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Mother talking and scolding her little daughter while spending time together at home.
40 Coping Skills to Help Kids Perform at Their Best
Coping skills are methods used to cope with, adjust to, or tolerate difficult circumstances. Practicing a variety of skills will help kids learn...
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Family and Christmas lights
Don't Let Your Past Define Your Future Relationships
Don't let your past relationships define your future. Every new relationship is an opportunity to choose how to move forward and see the light.
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