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Female psychologist holding woman's hands helps in personal therapy session, psychologist or counselor showing understanding and caring, supporting depressed client in treatment.
Finding the Right Therapist
Finding the right therapist requires researching licensed providers and considering accessibility factors. If the therapist isn’t a good fit,...
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Sad desperate girl talk share problem with friends in group psychological therapy
How to Cope When Life Gets Tough: Strategies for Trauma and Disaster Recovery
Recovery from trauma and disaster involves grieving the loss, re-establishing routine, and practicing self-care to regain normalcy. Seeking professional...
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Two cute serious siblings sitting on couch in front of tv set and playing video game in living-room
Can Video Games Affect Your Mental Health? Insights on Anxiety and Depression
Research shows overlaps between video gaming and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, but no direct causal link is established....
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Psychotherapist working with child patient and mother in office
Can Parents Compel Their Child to Attend Therapy?
Parents can legally mandate therapy for their minor children, but effective therapy requires the child's willing participation. While parents...
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Mom and daughter reading holy bible in a wheat field. Study the holy bible together
Biblical Encouragement for the Hard Work of Parenting
Parenting is hard work, but the Bible offers encouragement and hope. Jesus empathizes with every struggle and hardship, providing comfort and...
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upset african american kid looking at camera in kindergarten
Ten Reasons A Child May Be Dysregulated
Children's persistent dysregulation, marked by outbursts, can stem from factors like sleep deprivation, hunger, sensory sensitivities, and emotional...
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