When you get weary in well-doing, where do you go? How to refresh your focus on the ministry of adoption and foster care

June 29, 2021 by CFC Marketing

Scott Hord, the Family Care Learning training manager speaks with Christian Family Care’s chief programs officer, Pam Giardina on CFC’s Family Care Learning podcast about refreshing your focus on the ministry for those families who have been fostering for a while. 

“How about the family that is already involved in foster care? They’ve been working in it and doing it for a couple of years, they’ve been working hard, they’ve been kind of beat up, had been tossed around, they’re tired and maybe they’ve lost that fresh focus of ministry, what can you say to that person?” Hord asked Giardina. 

“They’re weary in well-doing; it’s any ministry,” Giardina said. “It’s any ministry where anybody serves,” she added. 

When you get weary in well-doing, where do you go? Giardina said you have to go back to the call. “You have to go back to the person that put you in ministry, that gave you and your husband the assurance, that this is what I want you to do,” she said. Giardina said it’s like the missionary that comes off the mission field. “There are furloughs that missionaries take and it’s kind of like our foster families and our adoptive families that they need a time of respite,” she said. “They need a time to just regroup and recharge,” she added. She mentioned the importance in having good support from families and friends.  

“I think a lot of times in weariness, because I’ve seen a lot of weariness in ministry and even in staff or things like that, you have to go back to your foundation,” Giardina said. “You have to go back to your place of relationship with the Lord, because He is the strength of your life and you can run the race with endurance when you’re connected to the grace of God,” she added. 

Ultimately, it’s about going back to the anchor of your soul, which is the Lord and getting refreshed there and getting around people that can encourage you and inspire you to keep moving. 

At Christian Family Care, we have support groups and our licensing specialists that will come alongside you to help you fulfill your ministry.  

Your licensing specialist or adoption specialist will be there to equip you, to shepherd your call and to help you keep your life in perspective. 

To watch the full podcast click here: The Calling Required For Foster Care and Adoption – Family Care Learning Podcast #19