Principles for effective teletherapy


Plan for session. 

  • Test the software. 
  • Block out the time so that you can easy, rather than rush into it. 

Ready the room. 

  • Find a private, quiet room or location (not in the car with others, or in the living room, if possible). 
  • Place a fan or noise machine outside if there is concern about being overhead (and/or) ask other family members to give space). 
  • Get comfortable (adjust the thermostat; grab blankets or pillows; find fidgets, etc.). 

Eat before session (if needed) 

  • Food and water help regulate. 

Position the camera. 

  • Use a stand for a phone. 
  • Make the field of view wide enough to allow therapist to see all family participants. 

Access supplies. 

  • Have paper, coloring utensils, writing utensils, scissors, tapes, and glue available for collaborative projects. 
  • Place headphones nearby if these may be needed to increase sound quality and/or increase comfort. 

Remember last session. 

  • Gather together any completed homework activities. 
  • Make notes of any issues you want to bring up with the therapist. 

Engage in therapy. 

  • Try not to multi-task during therapy. 
  • Talk to the therapist as if they are in the room with you. 
  • Advocate for what you or your child need out of session. 

-Sarah Earles, MS, LAC, Child and Family Therapist