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How it Differs From Counseling

Family coaching is often used by parents who believe they can be helped without the intensity of counseling services. Many of the parents that use Family Coaching understand that they could benefit from strengthening their parenting skills. Even though Family Coaching is generally used to help a child thrive, parents or caregivers are the ones participating in the services.

Family Coaching differs from counseling in that it is less intense and is skill-building in nature. Instead of providing counseling where the client processes thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, family coaches complete an assessment and offer practical tips for the caregivers.  They use the concepts of attachment, emotional regulation, and child development as their foundation.

Family Coaches share information in a way that is easy to understand and apply.  They make sure that caregivers have the most important information which will result in the best parenting decisions. Additionally, they work with clients to formulate a plan of action that is specific to the needs of their family. Some compare it to attending a training that is geared toward addressing their family’s challenges.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our clients are seeking help with challenges associated with their child(ren.) Some of the most common issues we help families address are:

  • Child behavioral difficulties (tantrums, disrespect, lying, disobedience, anxiety, etc.)
  • Sibling fighting
  • Parenting children with trauma backgrounds
  • Parenting adopted children
  • Developmental challenges (infant/newborn sleep schedules, balancing structure and trust with teens, etc.)
  • Identifying parenting styles
  • Strengthening attachment
  • Blended family challenges
  • Improving family communication
  • Balancing a nurturing and structured parenting approach
  • Caregiver burnout
  • Family grief and loss
  • General parenting skill-building

Our family coaches are not all licensed counselors, social workers, or marriage and family therapists. Family Coaches most often have the experience of parenting their own children or foster children, and they are educated in the most relevant clinical topics for better understanding children’s unique needs.

No. Some families have requested Family Coaching to help them prepare for an upcoming stressful situation (household move, adoption, deployment, job change, etc.) Caregivers have also sought Family Coaching to help them improve their parenting skills.

We use parenting interventions from Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®), Integrative Parenting, Circle of Security®, Bryan Post, Dan Siegel, and other leaders in the field. If you would like to get an introduction to the style and types of training our Family Coaches provide, please check out our online trainings at Aprendizaje en atención familiar.