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Smiling mother and little adopted child daughter painting together, lying floor. Mom or babysitter helps preschooler kid girl to draw with pencils.
Sharing Details at the Correct Moment
There are times and places to tell your child parts of his or her story. Never hide anything, but make sure that what is told is appropriate,...
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Little kid riding a balance bike with his mother on a bicycle in a city park
How To Model Healthy Coping Skills to Your Kids
Navigating loss and grief can be a confusing process for children and teenagers. Here is a list of resources to help them during this difficult...
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Upset offended teen girl daughter sitting separately with mother on sofa, mom and teenage child ignoring each other after fight at home, selective focus. Generation gap between teenagers and parents
The Scary Cycle and Kids in Survival Mode
Parenting a child that lives in survival mode can be stressful, but a dysregulated child can make for a dysregulated parent if that parent doesn’t...
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Psychologist counseling teenage female, individual therapy in doctors office. Professional cocellor helping teenager, girl with smartphone. Mental health, adolescence, psychology, psychiatry concept
Benefits of Therapy for Teens
Therapy can support adolescents through many walks of life. Between the rapid changes in hormones, the social aspects, and schooling, having...
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Mom and her child daughter are playing at home. Cute girl are holding paper mustache on stick. Family holiday and togetherness.
What is the Magic Mustache?
The “magic mustache” is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention technique used to help with self-regulation. How does it work?
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Young mother comforting her sad offended daughter after quarrel at home. Asian woman calming down her child, sitting together in living room interior
How to Create Lasting Behavior Changes
When it comes to behavior changes, some things seem to work short-term, but do not result in lasting results. So, what people should be after?
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