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young creative male fashion designer making embroidery while sitting by workplace against female colleague in workshop
How Fiber Art Can Benefit One’s Mental Health
In the realm of fiber arts, crocheting, knitting, and crafting contribute significantly to mental health. These creative pursuits offer sanctuary...
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Young parents sitting and playing with their kid.
Is Reaching a Calm State the Goal of Coping Skills for Children?
Coping skills aren't just about finding calmness; they're about regulation and connection. By fostering mindfulness, sensory engagement, and...
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psychologist talking with patients, giving advice to young couple in her private consulting room
Counselor Versus Therapist: Is there a Difference?
Is there a difference between counselors and therapists? The distinction between counselor and therapist is minimal, with licensure being the...
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pregnant woman is seeing the therapist
Therapists' Role: Supporting Personal Growth in Therapy
Therapy, a guiding force in personal growth, is driven by therapists' genuine care within professional boundaries. Ethical guidelines prioritize...
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Happy child playing at home. Funny kid wants to become a sportsman. Healthy lifestyle concept
Getting Started on Growth Mindset
Growth mindset means embracing imperfection, normalizing struggle, and valuing the process over results. It's about practicing in different settings...
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father playing with his daughter on a living room
Coping Skills for Kids: 8 Effective Exercises
A diverse range of coping skills is essential for managing life's challenges. Options like exercise, deep breathing, art, and sensory activities...
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