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sad boy sitting on a street chair
Grief and Bereavement Resources for Children
Navigating loss and grief can be a confusing process for children and teenagers. Here is a list of resources to help them during this difficult...
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House camping, playing and happy family bonding, relax and smiling father, mother and daughter.
What To Do When Coping Skills Don’t Work: Time-In Versus Time Out
Time-in or time out? For kids who have already experienced attachment loss, time-in might have more benefits than time-out.
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Holidays can trigger behavioral issues
(Not so Happy) Holidays
Holidays can be hard for kids that have experienced trauma and you might notice that this is a time of increased stress and increasing behaviors...
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heerful kid and happy parents playing with paper planes at home
The importance of play when children are in survival mode
A child on survival mode can be the result of trauma. Connecting positively can help a child to feel safe and shows you as a trusting figure...
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Playing games build relationships, develop skills and improve communication.
Therapeutic Games to Play at Home
Child and family therapists often play games with children in session. Play is a great way to engage children, help them feel comfortable, and...
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How emotions can affect people’s sense of overall well-being and connectedness.
Pain, Fear, and Courage: with C. S. Lewis and Brené Brown
Pain, fear, anger, hate, and courage, are emotions that affect people’s sense of overall well-being and connectedness. C. S. Lewis and Brené...
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